Our Perfect Day at Hongkong DisneyLand – Photoblog contd.

      Shopping is super fun and you will not mind spending a single penny at the store here. It was super fun - you could get stuffed  toys, clothes, keychain, caps, head gears, hairbands, cups and mugs and mind blowing cutest dine plates.. What more could have you asked.... Read my previous Photoblogs - Photoblog1... Continue Reading →


The feeling of Being #together – Mom and Daughter

It got me thinking about the gifts that we receive from our parents, not at holidays, or graduations, but everyday over the long haul of our childhood until now. The gifts that affect who we ultimately become. The gifts that were given to us and how to intentionally craft those into the next generation. My... Continue Reading →

Those were the Best Days of My Life

Poems not only help a child to learn and understand those wonderful sounds in any languages, but it also tell stories. With rhyming words, its added magic for kids to easily grasp the fundamentals and learning for them become a fun. When a child first starts school it can be an extremely emotional time. Not... Continue Reading →

Sapling Plantation Drive – Celebrating Children Day

Adobe in association with Rajkiya Bal/Balika Vidyalaya planted saplings as part of month of "Season of Giving". The aim of the plantation drive was to sensitise the public, especially the youth, on the need to ‘befriend nature’. This is just a small step to save the oxygen factories around us. These tree plantation drives spreads awareness among... Continue Reading →

Healthy Wealthy and Wise – #ImmuneIndia

What is the use of having millions in one's bank account and yet not enjoy good health? A healthy man can enjoy the benefits of his wealth. But a wealthy man will always be followed by physical complaints if he isn't healthy. In fact, if you are ever asked to choose between the two, always... Continue Reading →

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