Those were the Best Days of My Life

Poems not only help a child to learn and understand those wonderful sounds in any languages, but it also tell stories. With rhyming words, its added magic for kids to easily grasp the fundamentals and learning for them become a fun.

When a child first starts school it can be an extremely emotional time. Not just for them, but for parents too. And so was it with me. I was participating in the poem recital at my school’s Annual Day celebration. My mother has been preparing me ever since she came to knew, I was one of those special kid who would stand on stage and face a crowd.

She wanted to be that perfect proud mother. I mean, who doesn’t want !? Right. She made sure, her 3rd grade kid, learn poem by heart, memorize hand gestures so that they match with the poem and also emote every emotions at the correct place. Not to forget those movements and “take a pause” act.

I was to recite “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” as a solo participant. At home, I read each line aloud over several times and emphasized different words each time. It was like.. Twinkle Twinkle… “Little Star“; How I wonder…. “What You Are?“; Well, you can surely listen to the audio/video version on “Kids Hut” channel on Youtube. It is perfect, just the way I sang in my own school days.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Ohh.. !! I feel so nostalgic. But it was one of those bestest memories that will never fade.

And today, when I sit with my niece/nephew – I realise that there are three key types of poem that appeal to kids the most:  Short Poems, Funny Poems and Rhyming Poems. The most famous being “Rhyming”. “Its all about decorating the poem“, my mum used to say. “If you do not tune the poem in a melody , no body would chant it with you.” Well, aptly said. I had no option then and neither do I now. I still recite poems the same way. They have never changed and I love them that way.

At home, “Johnny, Johnny Yes Papa” was my and dad’s favourite time spent together. My dad, once back from office would enter house singing along the poem with its all time famous melody. You know, what I mean right. Take a sneak peak at the video.

Johnny Johnny Yes Papa

I always used to get a sugar candy after every “ha.. ha.. ha” moment from the poem. [Dad..  I love you loads ! ! ! ]

Its amazing all these years, we may have grown from kids to adults. But the sound of these nursery rhymes bring back time as if it was just yesterday. It fills your heart with emotion and you cannot stop yourself from humming along.

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Sapling Plantation Drive – Celebrating Children Day

Adobe in association with Rajkiya Bal/Balika Vidyalaya planted saplings as part of month of “Season of Giving”. The aim of the plantation drive was to sensitise the public, especially the youth, on the need to ‘befriend nature’. This is just a small step to save the oxygen factories around us. These tree plantation drives spreads awareness among citizens and makes them understand the importance of trees around us.

Sapling Plantation Drive

Trees serve as natural boundary for lakes and give shelter to many birds.
Awareness about environment will encourage students to plant plants which can be used for good health, at schools and their homes. Its all about reaching out to individuals and asking them to help us in doing plantation so as to save the environment.

Plantation drive started with digging of pits. Saplings were brought and were planted. Several school teachers and student of Eco-Club participated in the drive with enthusiasm.

Kids always believe that,
Everything that you imagine, you can do…
And whatever you dream, will come true
It always seems impossible until it is done. And a kid can show how it’s done.

The idea to engage school children was to educate them it is the easiest way to reach out to a huge mass. These are the individuals who will face worse conditions if we don’t act now.

Sapling Plantation Drive

” These plant sapling will later grow into vibrant, beautiful tree and benefit everyone and future generations and thereby makes it the most fitting memorial, which can live for years to come…”

Indeed a great way to start “Happy Children Day”.

Healthy Wealthy and Wise – #ImmuneIndia

What is the use of having millions in one’s bank account and yet not enjoy good health? A healthy man can enjoy the benefits of his wealth. But a wealthy man will always be followed by physical complaints if he isn’t healthy. In fact, if you are ever asked to choose between the two, always opt for good health. because health can give wealth, but wealth does not ensure health.

Children are our future, and mothers are their guardians. Every mother is committed to improve their fitness and health and make a great living at the same time. Our children’s health and well-being are dependent on our commitment to promote food access and good eating habits at home, at school and in the community.


Healthy Living
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Because older children spend so much unsupervised time with their peers, it is important to teach children about the benefits of healthy eating when they are young. I realised how the desperate search for wealth makes a man unhappy. It brings along with it stress, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and more. Slowly and gradually it is depriving us the necessary physical exercise.

Our health-and-wellness is guarantee by our immune system. When in good shape, it protects us against illness; when not, we are prone to get sick. While a healthy lifestyle in general is important, a healthy diet is the key to good health and long life.

Dabur Chyawanprash – , is a boon for everyone. It is time-tested and value health. Dabur has its root in Ayurveda, also known as “Science of Life” and helps accelerate wellness of our immune system. It promises protection against germs, viruses during unhygienic surroundings, weather change, pollution etc.!

It contains anti-oxidants that assist our bodies in fighting the free radical damage we face from day-to-day living and improve upon our ability to live longer and remain healthier. It’s good habit to take it twice a day on a regular basis. It build our immune systems and protects us from illness. The best part of Dabur Chyawanprash is that it can be consumed throughout 12 months.

Good Nutrition is a building block for a child’s well being and help them to grow, learn, and to play to their fullest potential. A child who is given healthy foods will receive a lifetime bonus of a stronger mind and body. A child who is deprived of healthy foods or given too many unhealthy foods can face decades of health problems.

Healthy eating can help your child feel good, stay at or reach a healthy weight, and have lots of energy for school and play. In fact, healthy eating can help your whole family live better.