My experience with MiCar – Car Rental Service

Do you need wheels on your next trip? Car Rental can give you freedom as well as flexibility when you're traveling and in some parts of the world it's the only feasible way to get around. But a rental car can sometimes add complications to your trip -- like trying to find the best deal or sorting... Continue Reading →


Chokhi Dhani – padharo mhare desh | Jaipur

Away from the hustle and bustle of city life enter into a village created at Chokhi Dhani Village. It has been the mirror of Rajasthani culture since 1989. Started as a restaurant, over the years it has evolved into a theme park showcasing the authentic village life of one of the most colorful states in the country.... Continue Reading →

A #Raahgiri Day

Having read so much I had to leave a Sunday free to experience a Raahgiri Day - an event that has recently been making the rounds on social media. The buzz surrounding Raahgiri Day was loud enough to reach my ears. Open Streets in the heart of Capital City of Delhi? Thousands of people? Every Sunday? I had to... Continue Reading →

A trip back in time – Purana Qila, Dilli

Purana Qila is one of most historic attractions of the Delhi Capital. Located in Old Delhi, the Qila is a must see for those interested in the history of the city and India. From the road one can see the Fort standing on a small rise with the lake in front. Whenever I see the... Continue Reading →

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