Somethings are worth melting for – Olaf at Disneyland

Some People are Worth Melting for… and this was our favorite part of the Disneyland


Hong Kong Disneyland proudly presents “Frozen” Village for this summer Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, and Kristoff lead 300 Guests in a magical “Let It Go” finale.

 The “Frozen” adventure commences with a special musical performance at the Crown Jewel Theater. You will meet Erik and Aria, two townspeople who will lead you through the “Frozen” Festival Show and gather everyone together to sing along to your favorite and most memorable songs from the movie including “Do You Want to Build a Snowman,” “Love is an Open Door” and “In Summer” in this 20 minute experience.

Photoblog Hongkong


Photoblog Hongkong


Photoblog Hongkong

Disneyland Hongkong is one the many Disneylands’ in the world. You have more at Paris, U.S.A.

We have supreme fun, I hope with any planned visit ahead, you have yours too..!!

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Our Perfect Day at Hongkong DisneyLand

Our fourth day of stay at Hongkong was all the more special. It was our First Wedding Anniversary and what better way than to relive through each other’s childhood memories lane. We had our plans set for our Day visit to Disneyland

Photoblog- DisneyLand You could take the MTR to Disneyland and its a beautiful ride altogether. You will feel overwhelmed with joy . And yes, Age no bar.

Photoblog- DisneyLand


Photoblog- DisneyLand

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For the entire tour in Disneyland, you are your own guide. Feels like you are on a treasure hunt. You get a map to guide you through the entire land.

We had fun with every ride and Winnie the pooh – was one of the many awwww-some rides.

Photoblog4- Disneyland

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HongKong – Beauties on the Street City | Photo Blog

HongKong – Travel Diaries
Hong Kong’s unique “East-meets-West” culture makes it a place unlike any other and the perfect gateway to Asia.

And as lazy as we were on our first day at Hongkong, the first day filled us with surprise all the more need. Check our First Day at Hongkong


We loved our second day at Hongkong for it was mostly about exploring the city. Check out explore.