Photographer is a customer; But this customer is no longer king.

Dear Hoteliers, Resorts and to whomsoever this may concern

With five years of experience, I have managed to learn how to handle most daily situations encountered as a photographer at SplendidFotos and NitinGuptaPhotoworks
At the beginning, I would react more, starting stupid, endless and useless fights. But with time, I have learned the art to be self-controlled and self- contained and at peace with myself, especially during every wedding projects.  Thankfully, my camera kits and gears never got stolen or broken and I never got insulted or beat-up.

But just in the last six months, I have managed to stumble twice into incomprehensible situations, in Delhi – NCR. For your information, during both of these events, I was the official photographer and a guest to one of the wedding events. That these places are one of the finest of all times and the reasons for every celebrations nowadays. Sadly, mine were never special nor shall be –

The First Experience

During a wedding event at Mahagun Sarovar Portico (owned by Mahagun) – This manager in charge of the valet parking refused our car to be parked in the hotel premises, let alone the comfort of valet service. Why, because the car belonged to a team of photographers. It seems like all the staff were given special training on how to ridicule the photographer’s team and not to welcome them as any other guest (if not customers). Within a minute, we were showed our way to the exit and to park our vehicle in Mall Parking. We confirmed to be one of the invited guest as well the official photographer’s – they paid no heed.

Well, I politely ended the conversation and left the venue and went to mall parking lot. #SuchIsPhotographerLife

– Sadly, the experienced staff has no courtesy in their behavior.

The Second Experience

Post we wrapped up our today’s shoot at Shangri La – Eros, New Delhi, I was in a hurry to pack my camera equipment and gears. To be precise it took me hardly a minute to completely pack my bag. But then, #SuchIsPhotographerLife – That this staff on duty, almost shoved me off my place (Thankfully, no damage to the equipment) and asked me to leave. I decided to stay calm and seek permission of approx. 1 min to zip my bag and that off, I go.

Much to my amusement, this man – who is part of a world class customer service hotels and resort has no ethics whatsoever nor does he has the sense of customer service. As arrogant that you can think him to be, he was. He had the audacity to question my presence in the hotels’ premises and that he fails to understand that every person in the premises of the hotel is supposed to be treated as a guest if not customer. #ShameOnYourService

The first time, I decided to laugh at the situation and ignore it. But being honest, the second time has been rough on me.

It’s not first time that someone said something about my status or said strong things about me being a photographer. I just feel sorry for them and will carry on, eventually. And for one bad interaction, I often experience a thousand great interactions with welcoming, cheerful and supportive people – but they make no effects.

Having said that,  Every staff in your restaurants, bars and hotels and resorts are somehow your own brand ambassador. How they behave speaks a lot about you brand.

Having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance or abilities, will not just ruin your image in the market but will eventually make people hate coming to you as well. It’s time, every service industry pay heed to such experience and educate their well dressed, amiable looking yet egotistic staff about customer service.

I believe that in both cases, those people did not see the harm in what they said and did. Unfortunately!!

Nitin Gupta


Holi Hues – Indian Festival of Colors #KhulkeKheloHoli

A weekend before the holi, we used to visit the wholesale market Sadar Bazaar to shop and stock up dry gulal colors or wet water colors, colour sprays and pichkaris (water jets) and packets of water baloons. Of course, a lot of bargaining.

Holi, the festival of colours, is celebrated to mark the beginning of spring and harvest season. In places associated with the Hindu god Krishna, Holi is traditionally played over several days with revellers hurling coloured powder and water at each other.

Holi in 'oneness and harmony'

And on the day of Holi, my mom used to take out those old, but perfect pair of cloth for us to wear. She used to smear our hairs and face/arms with as much coconut oil as possible. Parachute Coconut oil has been and will be my mom’s favorite. And mine too.

Me and my brother would reserve the bathroom early in the morning to fill buckets of water with colors and then get the Water balloons filled with them. Each of us had our own set of bucket which we later hurled at passer-bys.

Holi in 'oneness and harmony'

After the Puja, mom and dad would apply dry gulal to us and we would do the same. After which, my dad would get our water buckets of different water colors in our balcony and we would then fill our pichkaris or water guns to squirt in all directions at impromptu street gangs as well as at the neighbours. (And, I can’t stop giggling at the memory)

Holi in 'oneness and harmony'

The festival of Holi is easy – All one needs is a packet of gulaal (coloured powder), buckets full of water, friends and family; and perhaps some music.Holi in 'oneness and harmony'

“I’m pledging to #KhulKeKheloHoli this year by sharing my Holi memories at BlogAdda in association with Parachute Advansed.”

The best part about Holi is the fact that everyone has a smile on their face, whether they are enjoying the company of their friends or chasing foes around the street. I’ve never seen any event that was this happy on such a big scale.  It’s amazing.

Holi in 'oneness and harmony'

Legend of Holika – Holika Dahan
The story relates to an ancient demoniac king in India known as Hiranya-Kasyapu. He was a cruel and tyrannical ruler. All his subjects followed his orders except for his son Prahlad. Prahlad was an ardent devotee of Vishnu. This infuriated his father who wanted to punish him. The king asked Prahlad to embrace a red hot pole. But, he was unhurt. Then, he asked Prahlad to jump off a steep cliff, but was unhurt again. Prahlad obeyed his father each time chanting Vishnu’s name and was never hurt by all the punishment.

Hiranya Kasyapu called his sister Holika who had a boon from the gods that she would not burn in a fire. Holika made Prahlad sit on her lap in the fire. But, this time, Holika was burnt to death (for abusing her boon to do evil) and Prahlad was unhurt. Eventually, the ordeals faced by Prahlad climaxed in the emanation of Narahari or Narasimha who destroyed Hiranya Kasyapu. Prahlada never lost faith in the Lord despite all his ordeals.This legend is celebrated on the full-moon or poornima night of Holi by lighting huge bonfires called Holika Dahan or the sacrifice of Holika.Holi in 'oneness and harmony'

We used to chase each other in the streets, armed with packets of dry powdered paint and covering random people from head to toe in colors.  Holi in 'oneness and harmony'

The uncles had pink hair, the children running around with water pistols had crimson faces and all the aunties (wearing sarees) were covered in all sorts of colours. It was beautiful, priceless to be precise.

Holi in 'oneness and harmony'

Holi in 'oneness and harmony'

It take several days to week for those post-Holi stains on people to go and that explosions of colour on the streets to fade away. You can never witness anything like this, anywhere!!.

Nowadays, colored powder of various hues – the colours are traditionally made of Neem, Kumkum, Haldi, Bilva, and other medicinal herbs prescribed by Ayurvedic doctors.Holi in 'oneness and harmony'

It’s a time again for people to play with their friends, laugh, meet others and forgets about any of their worries. We must heartily enjoy the festival which brings us together. The Festival where Family and friends gather and play to their hearts, they spread love with colors and enjoy every moment with each other.

Let’s Get Started. Bura naa Mano Holi Hai

#GlocalizedHR – Leadership Networking Event


#GlocalizedHR Leadership Networking Event


In conjunction with Fortune Architect, #GlocalizedHR organised a 3 hours leadership networking event to bring together innovation, leaders and practitioners to explore key trends and impact of Compliance in the corporate world – not just to discuss the use and misuse, but also to ensure how that will impact existing and upcoming organisations.

“In recent years, and in the wake of various corporate scandals, regulators and lawmakers have been enacting a growing number of local and global regulations with which organizations need to comply”

There has been an increasing importance of compliance, as non-compliance can have very serious, and sometimes devastating, commercial consequences. Against an increased level of regulatory scrutiny and ethical expectations, and given the financial and reputation damage that results from corporate scandals, compliance has moved up the corporate boardroom agenda. As a result, ensuring compliance with both local and international laws should be part of the ordinary, day-to-day activities of a company.
#GlocalizedHR – Leadership Networking Event

May you live in interesting times” as the saying goes, and indeed we do. These are times of great change – changes in technology, mobility, values, economics, etc. The focus of compliance (or rules as we knew them) are shifting and evolving rapidly, and the picture of our collective future (cultures, societies, organizations) is in flux.


These are times of great uncertainty, and quite often crisis in confidence, yet these are also times of unprecedented gain – we are more open to change, to creative energy, to pursuit of human potential than any other time in our history.

More and more companies are seeing increased value in investing in strong compliance programmes because these programmes not only prevent infringements, but may also serve to mitigate fines if an infringement has been committed. A tailored compliance programme, targeting the business’ risk areas, is important in helping companies navigate the pitfalls without imposing unnecessary restrictions.

Questions each company should ask itself

  • What are the main areas of risk for your business? Does your company have a compliance policy in place? Are all areas of risk covered by it?
  • To whom does the compliance policy apply? Is the compliance policy part of your company culture? And, if the compliance policy legally enforceable?
  • How do you monitor compliance? Does your company have reporting procedures for potential breaches?
  • Does your company know how to enforce the compliance policy in its dealings with business partners?

Of course, embedding these compliance policies into a company’s culture requires further, practical measures. Having compliance policies but not enforcing them may be almost as harmful as not having them at all. The most effective way of ensuring compliance is to train employees in the basics and how they apply to the business.

The event aimed to discuss, what does Compliance means for the future of global organizations and their leaders who must navigate these changes and guide their organizations on future path? A major part of the event focused on what role will compliance play and how will it define how global organizations should and/or will evolve in the future.

#GlocalizedHR – Leadership Networking Event

These were the questions we all seek to answer, as we brought together a diverse group of innovation practitioners and leaders from across Delhi/NCR in a highly stimulating, provocative conversation designed to engage and provoke.

Compliance is an area that has transitioned from what was once an embryonic market into an area where year on year demand far outweighs supply. A brief activity session, wherein everyone was requested to interact with another team to discuss and/or raise concern on any and/or many compliance(s) wherein their organization has been successful or haven’t been.

#GlocalizedHR – Leadership Networking Event

Watching our emerging leaders approach this daunting task, we discovered that three distinct but interdependent forms of networking—operational, personal, and strategic—played a vital role. The first helped them manage current internal responsibilities, the second boosted their personal development, and the third opened their eyes to new business directions and the stakeholders they would need to enlist. While our managers differed in how well they pursued operational and personal networking, we discovered that almost all of them underutilized strategic networking.

Light Bulb Speaker

#GlocalizedHR – Leadership Networking Event

Sanjeev Jain an established Delhi based Chartered Accountant and a lawyer, presented his knowledge in various capacities across world.

Having a passion for technology, in 1996 Sanjeev had a vision and created Megasoft (IT enabled services) in the field of outsourcing of Payroll, HR Services and Accounting.

Sanjeev Jain as a dynamic communicator who used principles, images and stories to equip young leaders.He shared his knowledge, which was as motivational and highly charismatic and really brought the subject of compliance alive.

The entire session was engaging.He shared his facts in a simple and impact way.

“Law is not the fear of being caught by a cop, but the discipline within – Anil Makhija, Director (Legal) Megasoft”

#GlocalizedHR – Leadership Networking Event

While he shared lot interesting facts about the role and importance of Compliance in any business’s growth and sustainability, we also got to know the contributions that Megasoft Solutions has made in ensuring that the companies are compliant towards the compliance. Fortune Architect has even took an honour to handover the award of #GlocalizedHR |Who’s who acknowledging their contribution in the field of compliance and HRMS.


The Pop-Up Brain

This session was conducted by Piyana Bandhopadhay who is an energetic leader and have a passion to add value and impact others. presented the leaders with a lot of opportunities to sharpen their skills.

#GlocalizedHR – Leadership Networking Event

The event proved to be a great tool to leverage and compelled outcomes for leaders who attend.

To get the most out of the event, Glocalized HR chose “Discussion over a cup of coffee” approach to involve being curious, being engaged and to contribute to create a better understanding about everyone’s collective thought on compliance.

Our goal is to make this participation more fluid, inclusive, and ongoing which would not be possible within the confines of one day alone. We hope to, host more upcoming networking events and hope, you’re as excited as we are!

If you are one of those, looking for a platform to connect all HR professional (seasoned / aspiring) of the globe to discuss, share and build the globally acceptable and appreciable HR practices. Connect with Manan Chaturvedi / Ankita Chaturvedi.

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