Project Smile – Adobe’s Annual Be-Involved #adobelife Month

 Be Involved Month at Adobe

July is Be Involved Month at Adobe, a time for us to celebrate our core value of getting involved. What is heart-warming is to see that not only Adobe as a company, but every employee of the generation is increasingly realizing the importance of giving back to the society.

CSR projects enhance the meeting experience by increasing attendee satisfaction levels, creating strong bonds among colleagues and employees and enforcing the power of a meeting at the destination.

 Be Involved Month at Adobe

Project Smile is a ray of hope which aim to create a day that would shine a spotlight on nurturing children and young minds by giving them a platform for growth. Through a broad range of engagement activities, games and visual volunteerism, we at Adobe seek to create value for society and bring joy to every child’s live. The event believes in creating stronger foundations for a brighter tomorrow.

Through Project Smile, Adobe gave a platform to the budding minds at Sai Siksha Sansthan, Noida to titillate their creative potential.

The children were inspired to make best use of the colors and paint the canvas red with their beautiful colors choices. Through this initiative, each employee made a sincere attempt to inspire and applaud the talent inherent in these children. The big idea was to give wings to the young minds’ imaginations.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many powerful stories can a wall tell? Painting school’s wall here made us believe how important is infrastructure for the education for each child. Every color added to the wall is addition to help the kids grow with visual belongingness.

The wall painted was now a canvas for them to do the story telling and add abundance of imagination and stay connected. The atmosphere in which each kid felt personally engaged and experienced with time.

CSR Programs – The Feel-Good Activity That Pays Off

Each year Be-Involved Event volunteers’ time to make a difference in the communities where they work and live. From providing meals to restoring critical habitats to cleaning up , Adobe volunteers are committed to making their communities a better place.

Games and Activities helped to keep the children engaged. These activities help them hone their skill levels and made them feel recognized.

 Be Involved Month at Adobe

The kids enjoyed thoroughly during game activities such as Dumb-Charades, Dance-Music Sessions and not to forget the Party Bounce, which was an instant hit with everyone.

Who doesn’t like to play classroom games?  Not only are games fun, interactive and social, but they’re also great tools for learning. On the other hand, classroom games add flair to student involvement to more  yet necessary tasks like teaching or even competing. Adding an element of competition motivates and energizes students.

 Be Involved Month at Adobe

 Be Involved Month at Adobe

The learning style of every student plays a key role with things like “watching/listening.” I am sure, you would affirm that definitely a visual teaching makes you a better learned.

Here’s a example of how learning can benefit from this cognitive demand. A play was organized by the students of the school, with the help and involvement of Adobe employees, to highlight and identify social issues with solutions. After which, a conversation was initiated to build the interest of the kids and help them judge the right and the wrong. Every kid realized that social issues that they often see can have a solution. Every kid pledge for the cause and I think, this nailed the entire purpose of the event.

 Be Involved Month at Adobe

 Be Involved Month at Adobe

 Be Involved Month at Adobe

The school were thrilled, as evidenced by the glowing letter of thanks from the headmaster and various pupils. But it was the impact on the staff that was most revealing.

The rule of thumb is simple – At all times, all students must interact with new learning. The work of education is difficult, but we must try to keep students cognitively engaged. It begins with gaining and keeping their attention and interest. Once we have that attention and interest, what we do with it will make the difference with reaching our instructional goals. Real learning is indeed, not a spectator sport.

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Pic Courtesy : Amit Agarwal | Nitin Gupta | Sagar

You can view more pictures at – Pics by Nitin | Pics by Amit


Adobe Reimagine India – Brew the New

… With power comes great responsibility.

Earlier this week, everyone geared up for Adobe‘s yearly celebrations for an evening of high fashion and musical concert with much fanfare.

The event went through stages of conceptualization to execution at Jaypee Sports Complex for over a thousand people who meant the most to Adobe. A special mention of thank you to Wizcraft International Entertainment Pvt. Ltd and their team for making this event as happening and success. Suffice it to say, we partied the night away, the #adobelife way!

When Adobe wanted to celebrate their Annual celebrations 2015, there was only one entity they trusted in ─ the people of Adobe. It was an entertainment ceremony for the employees and their family. The evening started with the Fashion show.

Renowed bangalore famous Rajesh Shetty did a fabulous job in choreographing the entire sequence for the show. He was patient and entertaining at the same time. Undoubtedly, he was the stylist of the evening and his team of makeup and hair styling did a great job styling all the participants.

Adobe Reimagine India - Brew the New

It was a fun and creative way of highlighting participating employees of Adobe. A great deal of hard work was involved in organizing the fashion show. A kudos to ESCAPE team,the in-house organizing team at Adobe. And every buzz and excitement of the show made it all the more worthwhile.

As the music reaches it’s crescendo so do the brush strokes and before you blink there’s a canvas of colours before your eyes! That’s Vilas Nayak. He painted Adobe’s inspiration and showcased his talent, creative speed painting with both hands on canvas to the beats and tune of music from memory.

Adobe ReImagine India - Brew the New



In less than 5 minutes he drew a water-colors portrait of Amjad Khan aka Gabbar, MD Naresh Gupta in 7 minutes and the CEO Shantanu Narayen of Adobe, in about as many minutes.

He believes in, “Speed and accuracy are the keywords for this kind of art. You cannot afford to make any mistake when you are painting on stage.

She needs no introduction and was a total show stealer with her magical voice and stunning performance. As the photos suggest and self-explanatory in nature, Sunidhi Chauhan, churns out a series of scintillating music performances each passing year. With every ounce of the band’s full energy packed into the grooves and a little more added for emphasis, Sunidhi squeezes out tracks of epic proportions.

Adobe Reimagine India - Brew the New


She started her performance with a bang with the title song of Dhoom 3. From then, she had everyone on their feet with songs like Ainvain Ainvain, Sheila Ki Jawaani, Bidi Jalai Le and Aa Zara. She also mesmerized audiences with her romantic hits like Te Amo, Bin Tere, Beintehaan and Yaaram.


The event also honored the winners of In-House #adobelife selfie Contest held earlier. The winner got chance to click a selfie with Sunidhi Chauhan. What a prized possession.!!

A musical exhibition with such an outstanding crowd conferred magnificence and immense love from the audience. It was indeed a phenomenal evening worth being cherished!

All super-heroes as we know today have gone through the process, understanding their responsibility to protect and further mankind. That’s what Marvel and the movies have made us believe. An apt, epic and powerful quote that goes well with Adobe India. Way to go with many more reason to celebrate.

Pictures Credits – NitinGuptaPhotoworks | Mandeep Singh Photography

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#adobelife | Season of Giving | Meaningful Gifts

Adobe Systems, Noida, India along with several NGOs organised a fair on Friday, November 28, 2014 at their Noida campus. The fair provides a platform where the NGOs can showcase and sell products made as a part of their income generation activities and generate awareness about the work done by them.

Products For NGO Fair 2014:

It provides them an unique opportunity to learn, share, network, generate new ideas & awareness about the marketing trends with the urban and rural market and above all exposure of the rural NGOs with the urban market and customers.

Participating NGOs Participating NGOs and Products

The participating NGOs are from Delhi/NCR and exhibit and sell their products ranging from clothes, best our of waste articles, candles, bags, flower vases, plants, photo frames and much more during this Season of Giving.

All products sold are hand made by the stall owners

Every NGO participating in the fair is working dedicatedly for the upliftment of one section of the society or the other. Each brings joy and hope to thousands of people.

The fair witnessed a beautiful turnout

The enthusiastic volunteers from Adobe had an engaging day and were involved right from helping the NGOs set the stalls to connecting them with the fellow Adobe Employees as buyers. It was an experience that was diverse to our expectation, to witness a fair and seeing them smile at every sale was definitely enlightening.

Adobe Photo Booth

NGO fair is a popular event and everyone enjoy these with great enthusiasm. They (NGO) are eager to come back again to engage.


Action for Autism
SSRVM Academy of Performing Arts
Mukti Ek Nai Soch
Vatsalya Gram – Param Shakti Peeth
Navjyoti Development Society
MAD – Make A Difference
Noida Deaf Society
Gyan Shakti Vidayalaya and many more………………

The fair witnessed a beautiful turnout and was truly an unique learning and shopping experience for all generations and giving back our own society.