Xiaomi MiFit Band : Review

Priced at INR 999, Xiaomi Mi Band will be the first smart band for a lot of Indians who seek fitness band and have no plans to buy fitness trackers priced at higher cost.


The Mi Fit app needs to be downloaded and installed to help Mi Fit band work. The app automatically switch to your phone’s set language and pairing the Mi Band to your phone via Bluetooth is quick and painless. To enable the app to work, you need to feed few personal stats like age, height, and weight, and you’re on your way. The best part if, you will not need to take your phone with you on a walk or run. The app will automatically sync as soon as you’re back in Bluetooth range.

You can set a daily goal for how many steps you aim to take, which by default is set at 8,000. Depending on your progress, making a gesture as if you’re looking at a wristwatch will prompt the Mi Band to light up in your preferred color: one light for one-third, two lights for two-thirds, three lights for goal completed.


Wakeup alarms gently vibrates three times and then turns off. There is no snooze function. The Mi Band vibrates at the set time and that’s it. If you have a bluetooth headset connect, the band will vibrate and you can pick the call over your bluetooth as well.

The Mi Band can also be set to vibrate after a missed call, but no other notifications from app so there is no way to know, if you’ve missed a call.


I’ve done further testing of the Mi Band with other GoogleApps and found that it works well with GoogleFit. This way you can always know, what location you made your walk and how much have you travelled. Everything stays connected online.


The Mi Band boasts an impressive 30-day battery life. The Mi Band app opens to a step counter and feed of your recent sleep cycles and walking activity. You can track previous days’ steps, how far you’ve walked, and how many calories you’ve burned. For sleep cycles, the Mi Band monitors how long you slept and for how long you were in a “deep sleep.” The app does little to advise on how the users can improve their daily cycles.


– Fairly accurate activity and sleep tracking
– Excellent pricing
– Long battery life
– Water resistant


– Lacks a display
– Many smartphone apps can perform the same functions

Ratings (out of 5)

Design: 3
Tracking: 3.5
Value for money: 4
Overall: 3.5

Product Owner : Nitin Gupta


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