Well begun is half done #ShareTheLoad

My man is a domestic god — and, to me that’s romantic. No wonder the grateful kiss I give him makes him grin, a little longer and a little wider.

The delightful sight of the bins neatly placed outside the front door, the prospect of ironed sheets in the laundry room, and the delicious smell of a home-cooked meal in the kitchen is enough for my husband to bring a flush of excitement to my cheeks and a girlish smile to my lips.

I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation

Here’s my list of dirty chores: buying groceries, carry them home and putting them in place; cooking meals and washing dishes; doing the laundry and dusting the place when things get out of control. The list could go on but the sheer necessities are bad enough. At my house, my husband does the dishes and packs lunches. I admire while I watch him chop paneer for my palak paneer, arranging for drinking water when we have guests at home and reminding me twice to bring snacks that I may have forgotten, and bring in the dry clothes that were hung outside. (I hate being in sun, just FYI! ) He cleans the bathroom and helps with the grocery shopping. (Maybe he does more than I do!)

We never had to sit down and figure out which jobs are his or mine (except for the fact that we both have certain tasks we hate that the other doesn’t mind, so we swap those out). There’s never been a discussion about it. We’re both capable of doing what needs to be done around the house, so when something needs to be done, one of us just does it. That goes for grocery shopping as much as making beds or throwing in a load of laundry. There are no “female only household chores” here.

As I grew, it was completely normal to see my dad vacuuming the carpet, loading the dishwasher or making dinner. My dad did (and still does) all the grocery shopping. Lucky me, my husband is dad-alike. He’s like every daughter dream who wants a husband that’s just like her father in many ways.

Women are not alone in the fight for equality, as long as we have feminist men willing to be equal partners in housework. Housework trivial? Not on my life! For we share the burden. As for women who are content doing all the housework, if their husbands end up pitching in, they’re happy just the same. Mine does and I am glad !!!


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