The answer to #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob is “No”, it’s a Man job too !!

My mother credits (my father) for helping her out in household work whenever needed. She is a working women who has to balance her life at both work as well as home front and my father (Ohh !! Daddy, I am super proud of you) has been that helping hand.


He does not shy from cooking not necessarily because my mother has to stay at office, but also because – he wanted to give her a day off. He is the one who does the laundry and when asked, he would happily reply, ” I like to play with soap and water”. That reminds me of our childhood days, when we used to make potion of soap and water only to make biggest bubble to play bubble-war. Little did he knew, with such small gesture he taught us one important lesson – “A family is where we don’t have any help, we help ourselves.”

What amazes me, is how much my brothers love to do household chores as much as I as a girl does. They have seen my father do it and hence they know how important it is.

Every homemaker is not just a woman but a man who helps a women. That’s what make a home, a family.  All home-makers, never have a day off. But a helping hand at home, gives them the “me-time” that every working personnel seeks.

Washing clothes have become easier with the invention of Washing Machine. Earlier it was almost two days procedure. You had to soak the clothes overnight to ensure that they have all dirt remove and then to rinse them in multiple bucket of water to clean off the soap as well as the dirt. My father used to help mom in soaking and also to rinse those clothes.

Laundry is not complete only after you have washed clothes.

Laundry Meaning







After washing clothes, it was a rotation job between me and my brothers to unpluck the cloths clips and bring the dried ones off the hook. Every weekend was a duty call shared between me and my father to iron the clothes. There was never a breakup of who does which household chores, we just knew what made sense. Ironing, Folding and arranging clothes in order and place in each one’s almirah was another activity, we all used to do.

So, there are ways that men can help out around the house without reducing their masculinity or attractiveness to women and without stepping outside of their gender sphere. Men should contribute equally to household chores to ease out a woman’s responsibilities. Why should only women cook and do the laundry? Marriage is a give and take relationship that goes a long way into a happily ever after.My parents and many other couple, seem to have fallen out of their gender role regarding the household chores, developing a spheres with their position within the family.

I told my dad that I am writing for #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob activity at in association with Ariel.”

I couldn’t resist asking him .. “#IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob”

He replied, No Dear, Its a Man job too..!

I smiled sheepishly on the other side of the phone. And I knew he did too. <I am a proud daughter !!>


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