… the way to win a woman’s heart – #WillYouShave

Would you really ask them (him).. #WillYouShave.  Hell No!!

Absolute hotness Pic (c) Google Images

With the month of November and celebration of “Happy Movember”… I had the chance to see many darling beauties, which made me realise men with stubble makes every woman skip her heart beat and I find it romantic. The weather had just started getting cold, may be a good time to grow a beard. Every one was celebrating the month of No Shave November. A month intended to raise awareness and funds to fight prostate cancer, the second most common cancer in American men and the most common cancer in men age 15-35.

The badass look (In a good way) goes with every outfit. Pic (c) Google Images

Haven’t you my ladies, fancied men with stubble.I do !! It makes them look strong and gives that edge to their personality. And who doesn’t love a man with confidence and strong personality. Those little trim, much stubble are always a head-turner that goes with every outfit. And with a bunch of hair covering your face gives you an aura of suave mystery and a classy, debonair air. That sounds more like oomph cool !!

I saw this young man at an office event and I just couldn’t help but drool over him. He had this “cute” beard that just made him look masculine and so sexy.” – He was smart and he still had “out-of-bed” look that gave him an edge over others. Hence he was the most noted one in the entire crowd.

Its that out-of-bed look, Ohhh so sexy!! Pic (c) Google Images


Think of Sean Connery (as Indiana Jones’ dad), Russell Crowe (Maximus) and Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) spring immediately to mind. Because it makes them look manlier. They were the one of those many heart stealer and suddenly every social media was flooded with new cover pictures, from over nook-and-corner with undying love all over it. So, men with beards, congratulations!! You look great to every lady even if she complains. (Count your mother too). !!

‘This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette”.


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