A #Raahgiri Day

Having read so much I had to leave a Sunday free to experience a Raahgiri Day – an event that has recently been making the rounds on social media. The buzz surrounding Raahgiri Day was loud enough to reach my ears. Open Streets in the heart of Capital City of Delhi? Thousands of people? Every Sunday? I had to be there and learn more.

Raahgiri is one unique concept where you can walk, jog, run, skate, dance or do whatever you like without the fear of any cars or motor vehicle. A similar concept originated in Bogota, Colombia and the terms Cyclovia or Ciclovia(spanish word) in English also addressed as “Open Streets” means ‘BIKE PATH”. This event is also held on Sundays a day of healthy activities celebrated by the community in public streets.

Reebok Fitness Avenue

A fitness pavilion was setup by Reebok for the people. Everyone had a ton of fun during the workshop, it felt more like dancing to the beat.


I guess that is what happens when you get a group of people together who love kettle-bells and movement and this gives them an opportunity to learn something new.



You could see families with infants and toddlers, teenagers, adults, and seniors not as mere presence, but they were actively participating in Raahgiri.


Raahgiri is not a festival, it is a movement—a short-term occasion for long-term change. We had children dressed in their school dress spreading the awareness.

Raahgiri has been inspiring people to come out of their shells and into the spotlight of their community.


“It’s been a pretty steady crowd,” Ashok Mehta said. “I am an engineer by profession and I get rare chance to take time out, but I do like to ride. Raahgiri gives, me and my wife a time out of the daily busy schedule. ” I found that really awww and one romantic way to spend day together.


Throughout the morning and early afternoon, friends and friends of friends entertained passersby with simple placard, many of whom they had apparently never seen or met.

A perfect place for the hawker to find buyer for these must-have toys.

The #SwachBharat campaign indeed had its impact on every individual. People were so keen to have the place clean.

_MG_9101No one waited for a safaai karamchari to come and do his duty. It was clearly an individual effort. Kudos to one such effort by our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.


The #selfiestick made its way for everyone to capture moments and stay crooned over social media.


These were some amazing bunch of teenagers that were seen, enjoying and mapping way in the crowd for people to feel the enthusiasm.


A well spent #perfect Sunday-Raahgiri-Day.

Picture Credits – Mohit Gupta


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