Sapling Plantation Drive – Celebrating Children Day

Adobe in association with Rajkiya Bal/Balika Vidyalaya planted saplings as part of month of “Season of Giving”. The aim of the plantation drive was to sensitise the public, especially the youth, on the need to ‘befriend nature’. This is just a small step to save the oxygen factories around us. These tree plantation drives spreads awareness among citizens and makes them understand the importance of trees around us.

Sapling Plantation Drive

Trees serve as natural boundary for lakes and give shelter to many birds.
Awareness about environment will encourage students to plant plants which can be used for good health, at schools and their homes. Its all about reaching out to individuals and asking them to help us in doing plantation so as to save the environment.

Plantation drive started with digging of pits. Saplings were brought and were planted. Several school teachers and student of Eco-Club participated in the drive with enthusiasm.

Kids always believe that,
Everything that you imagine, you can do…
And whatever you dream, will come true
It always seems impossible until it is done. And a kid can show how it’s done.

The idea to engage school children was to educate them it is the easiest way to reach out to a huge mass. These are the individuals who will face worse conditions if we don’t act now.

Sapling Plantation Drive

” These plant sapling will later grow into vibrant, beautiful tree and benefit everyone and future generations and thereby makes it the most fitting memorial, which can live for years to come…”

Indeed a great way to start “Happy Children Day”.


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