Adobe Season Of Giving : Cultural Evening with Music Basti #adobelife

“Saare ke saare…”
“ga ma ko lekar gaate chale…”
“papa nahin hai, dhani si didi…”
“didi ke sath hain saare…”

Music Basti

Do you remember singing these simple songs from childhood? If the first part of a familiar song text is given, most of us will finish singing the song, even if we sing it only in thought! As grownups, we may remember the joy experienced while singing and playing musical games with our friends. Often as we hum these melodies, we think of other songs we learned during our early school years, and we realize that we can still sing many of these from memory!

Music Basti is a community based music and media learning project in New Delhi. It is managed by Integrated Development Education Association (IDEA), a registered Association set up in 1991. The mission is to raise the voices of at-risk children and youth through arts, in particular through music and media, and consequentially the local and global consciousness on child rights and on ending poverty.

MUSIC! How can children learn or live without it? Music educators have known for years that quality music experiences enhance listening; invite intuitive and steady beat responses; and aid learning of vocabulary, sound and pitch discrimination, emotional responses, creative responses, memory, and many hours of fun for our wee ones.

“Advantages for me as a teacher of creating musical activities include finding the time spent with students to be more enjoyable, perhaps because my role moves naturally to that of a coach and facilitator. I also enjoy the opportunities for personal artistic expression when modeling musical creativity.”

The connoisseurs of soulful music were in for a treat when Music Basti visited Adobe Systems Noida Campus. The participants from Vidya Okhla Center & Khushi Rainbow Home, presented amazing songs along with the Teaching Artists of Music Basti. The campus was bustling with activity as employees gathered to listen to the charming kids.

As part of Season Of Giving, Adobe employees are encouraged to support the causes they cared about by donating to a local or global organization or by getting involved with volunteer activities organized by local CR Action Teams.

Every performance was appreciated by everyone with a big round of applause.

Music Basti

Language and music are both associated with emotions. And of course, we know that children — especially small children — really like music. This offers another bit of evidence that the link between language and music may be a fundamental one. Singing is an amazing way to dramatically improve your language learning strategy too. You can take music with you anywhere.

Life would be way cooler if people sang more! Did you ever notice how happy everyone is in musicals?

Pic Courtesy – Ravish Arora and Shannon


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