A music lover’s paradise – SunBurn Festival 2014

It’s hardly surprising that Sunburn Festival has seen so much growth since its first year in 2007. They’ve got the perfect music fandom that makes the festival feel like a vacation. This year, there was no denying that the best moments of the event (and, maybe, this particular festival season) came as a phenomenal set. The hits were all there, but perhaps what was most affecting was the obvious joy wonder still gets from performing and the way music touches everyone.

Live music is an important part of my life. I am constantly looking for the best shows to go to.. #TicketToGoa

Music fans are indeed an immortal breed; After all, fans keep the amps humming, the records spinning, and the musicians eating. Without these ‘super fans’ there are no successful kick starter campaigns, no subscription revenues, no sales of collector’s edition physical releases.

SunBurn fans know – “What’s Happening, but the Devil is in the Details“.

I pride myself on being plugged in. I want to see the biggest pop and rock starts


The international musical festival, Sunburn has put a world of music at our fingertips. The barriers of time, have been removed, leaving listeners with nearly unlimited choice. Devoted fans no longer need to wait to guarantee a glimpse of their favorite band — they’re always within arms’ reach. Super-fans wouldn’t feel the need to commit to a particular band when access comes so cheaply, and other options abound. Fans that identify with certain bands can express their tastes in more ways, to more people.

I’m a social leader in my group of friends, and I love to party….

Make music, and Someone will listen.  #MakeFans #SunBurn

The Sunburn Festival has achieved a reputation for presenting music which is both highly innovative and of exceptional quality. The purpose is two-fold: one aim is to give every worthy band who’d like to play their music in a festival atmosphere the chance to do so, and the other is to bring international music the attention it so richly deserves.


In addition, every artist who plays the festival feels as if they’re part of something fulfilling, being with like minded artists with whom they can bond, and playing in front of an audience who will “get” their music.


#Krewella… I’m satisfied with my favorite rock bands and don’t tend to explore other kinds of music.I am in Love… !!
I am a dedicated rock music fan, and have been for years. I love seeing my favorite rock bands live.

Sunburn originated from the idea of a Electronic Dance Music Festival held in Goa, India. Inaugurated in 2007, Sunburn became a place of synergy of music, entertainment, sports, food, shopping and lifestyle that has attracted audiences from every nook and corner of the globe. Now in its sixth year, Sunburn has become the hottest dance music property in Asia! Making its debut city edition in the summer of 2012 in Mumbai, Sunburn took the same format to Noida & Colombo in October 2012.

Done (23)

In the past four years of existence, Sunburn has brought together renowned Indian and International DJs to entertain crowds of lakhs all around the year!

People are People and Fans are Fans.!!

I love to dance and take any excuse to play around outside, so when I heard about this year’s Sunburn Music Festival, I started making plans! Sunburn Noida 2014 was hosted in Buddh International Circuit on October 12, 2014. The tickets were available on www.bookmyshow.com. The schedule amassed an impressive lineup of DJ artist and bands – DJ Skip, Dualist Inquiry, Shaan B2B Zaeden, Cazzette, Krewella (my favorite) and W&W. All makes good sense for the fanfare. It was such a blast -More than 10,000+ people witnessed mayhem at the Sunburn Festival and many cursed themselves for missing it.


Now to the really fun part – the music! The feeling was heavenly with music, artist and the mad crowd. The event offered a wide variety of music preferences to the mad-crowd.  Take all the time you need to swipe through these overwhelming pictures.


Pictures Credits – NitinGuptaPhotoworks

**Kindly refrain from commenting on the people in the Photographs!


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