#WhatTheBlack – isn’t just a color, it’s an Attitude!!

On at least nine out of ten occasions I will be decked out in that color because I love it so much.

*Because it hides things so well;
*Because it is so serious and dynamic;
*Because it is simple yet different; and Because I like it. 

Black Is My Favorite Color !!

The quest to be better than ordinary is an appetite for more life, more good feeling about yourself and more response from others.

Tattoo promises to stop time. I find it rather amusing and exquisite.Sometimes, a simple word can say more than a picture when it comes to tattoos. Whether it is a phrase that inspires you, or a reminder of your love with your partner’s name, word tattoos have a lot of power. You can get them done in simple or elaborate styles depending on what you like.

Tattoos promise to make you attractive as if you have a personal force akin to gravity – Notice me. The more attraction you command, the more attention you get, and the more life you have as we see in the public’s devotion. I commute via metro daily, and I see how everyone have their head turn to someone who has a tattoo. I love colors but black is the color for me. With cool shading, keeping it simple and elegant – someday I would definitely want a tattoo for a few to many different reasons, that I can’t think of now – may be.

So, that makes my Item#1 on my wishlist.

The brand BMW is the cause of visceral joy. And when it comes to BMW S1000R – game is to move forward. The super-bike combines incomparable engineering, gorgeous style, and stunning performance to be one of the world’s most desirable sport motorcycles.

I like the no non-sense vibe that the super bike conveys which some may find intimidating. In a world where everyone likes to show off their personality through the colors that they wear, black makes a stark statement and clearly stands out from everything else.  It gives you a sense of being elite and the most notable and worthwhile reason to be increasingly attractive.

The word ‘motorcycle’ often brings up images of stud men wearing black. I have been fascinated and hence super bike in black is another wishlist item. I meant Item#2. Women bikers do not ride motorbikes just for fun, they get emotionally connected with it.

The idea of thrill, and speeding wheels is close to the list of things that I am passionate about. It brings me a sense of relaxation. It’s ‘me-time’ for me.  And with the color black, I’d get people to go ‘wow’ and I like it – about it and of course, to give me a thumbs up when they see me on the super-vroomastic-bike. Ohhh!! Yes – I need that second glance whilst I ride.

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My wishlist Item#3 is a cliche. When it comes to capturing the unscripted seconds that live in your mind forever — the anxiety and joy, the adoring glance — black-and-white is my way to go. In short, both color and black-and-white images are essential to document the moments that define it.  Yet, things are not quite simple always as black and white!

The color Black illustrates a different emotional feel and tells-a-story without the distraction of color.  Black gives you the creative illusion and the retro chic visual, the perspective that nobody can define.  The lack of color completely changes the aesthetic and mood of an image.

To have that perfect, hueless – No tint, No hues, Visible Us in Black ‘n White capture is my next must to-do. Photographs in black n white symbolizes alternatives of hope to which mankind is forever subjected. Colors makes you glamorous whilst black gives you the dramatic strength and confidence to look strong.  Black can mask imperfections! <Such a favorite color>. Another advantage of black and white images is, that they are “Archival Prints” compared to colors, which may fade or degenerate faster. And I want the capture to stay Forever!

It was not an easy decision to decide on 5 most important wish list items, that I want in Black.
Let me tell you, the girls have multiple categories of “Wishlist” and each one is very different and unique.
A lot of effort, research, endless gossips and of course planning goes into building one. 

Di-Diamonds and Girls and girls and girls... “, one amazing beautiful song by Lil’ Wayne pretty sums up, my next wishlist. I haven’t met a diamond I didn’t love and I am willing to bet a lot of girls are the same way. Of all the different types of jewelry that can be worn and many adorned, Diamonds are a traditional and every girl’s best friend. Black Diamond it is that I wish to adorn – Item#4 it is.

Another highly versatile color, black gets people’s attention and it holds it, which is why it’s the most popular color. It can be modern or traditional, exciting or relaxing. As a contrasting color, black adds drama to everything.

Vanity, vanity, all is vanity. The vintage feel I have with those black diamond’s jewellery is unique.

The fifth wishlist Item#5, and not the last indeed is a must have for every girl. A perfect Black LBD

Nobody fails to notice a girl in Black. No woman’s wardrobe is complete without a little black dress. The perfect dress, in black of course – is wearable for most occasions. Black makes it look enduring and the chance to win all the envious looks from others. Definitely the much-ado high.

The LBD gives you the fashion style and makes you stand out in the crowd. And you do not need to accessorize it. <wink> A little black dress, travels well and a must pack for every vacation.

At any social gathering or occasion, a black dress makes you look effortless and beautiful too..!! I find that amusing and awww-some!

Wishlist are easy to build, but then they are too slow to reach the level – Complete! And it is true: Black is very, very back. Excuse me, while I go plant a money tree. <wink>


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