The smell after rain – Inspire a fragrance

And just yesterday, we’ve been enjoying short bursts of rain, which leave that smell of wet earth that I just love. I adore the ambiance after the rain; when everything seems washed, , the green leaves and flowers shiny fresh with droplets hanging onto them.

The distinct smell of the earth that has soaked the water and brought out a scent at once musty and refreshing. The smell of wet concrete, wet plants, wet soil that captures the melancholy of rain and vibrates best in damp earth. A scent that is as ancient and at the same time of the moment, as enjoyable as a child laugh.

Rain – Inspire a fragrance

Rain – Inspire a fragrance

Scent can be a powerful memory trigger. At time fragrance get me thinking about the number of times a smell or an odor has transported me to another time or place.

The smell after rain bring backs memories of summer vacation at my granny home. Waking up to fresh rains and sweet aroma of poha. As if rain always knew, we’d be around during the season of summer, it rained and we loved to get drenched. Playing in puddle was the best time spent. Indeed, we were scolded by granny for being wet. But then, it was one of its lifetime moment for us.

Have you ever wished you could travel back in time?  These powerful scents make you step back with the sweetness.

Scientific Fact – Petrichor is the name of the scent of rain on dry earth, which aided by the compound geosmin contributes to that delectable ambience of upturned earth and musty deliciousness which walkers of the woods have been known to enjoy with all their might.

All fragrances products from Godrej, are fresh, clear and rich that gives you a pleasant feel to the core.  To have a fragrance that is soothing and at the same time refreshing would be a great kick start for the day. The smell after a rainstorm is lush and distinctive, and widely experienced as pleasant or even enchanting.

And who wouldn’t want to have it bottled, for that freshness on days when it does not rain.


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