Oman – Travel Delight for the Nomads

The Sultanate of Oman is a fascinating, welcoming country, rich in tradition with strong heritage that date more than 5000 years ago. Oman is as enchanting and as unique, known for its culture, history, beauty and of course, the warmest people.

If you are an adventurous traveler, Oman has endless choice of activities to get involved in hiking, diving adventures and water sports galore. If you are more into sight-seeing tourist, Oman gives you souk, forts, deserts to discover cultural wonders and if you are culture loving person, you get gorgeous beach,  incredible climate, luxury hotels and fascinating sunsets to watch for.

Indeed a dream and a “Must TravelDestinations.

Planning a trip always take the most and to decide on what you must do and what you must not miss. And I just hopped onto the website of Ministry of Tourism of the Sultanate of Oman – to make a plan and do the homework on the “what“, “where“, “how” and “why“.

So, here are my must visit and not to miss places, whilst I visit Oman.

The Grand Mosque


The Omani’s certainly know how to impress! A breathtaking architecture built with Italian marble. There are 34 chandeliers that hang from the ceiling but this is the main one, made of Swarovski crystal and gold-plated metal work.

A really impressive place and something for Oman to be proud of!

A must thing : Men and women should cover arms and legs, women should also cover their heads. Shoes are removed before entering the prayer hall.

Wadi Shab – Arabic term for valley

Wadi Shab is known for it’s shimmering emerald green water housed in seven pools.

Only a few hours drive from the Capital city of Muscat, this short hike will lead you through astonishingly bright, emerald-green rock pools. You will get to climb over and under rocks, swim through turquoise pools and climb up mini-waterfalls. Hearing own voice echo has been the most fascinating thing – who knows I may get chance to hear the echo during this exhilarating journey. This sounds more fun, than the experience it shall be.

Additional Info: The best time to travel Oman is, the season of autumn (Sep-Nov), or spring (Feb-Mar). You get treated to pleasant temperatures.  The temperature in summer can rise to over 40°C. Visiting during December and January gives you a cool weather. You may want to pack some warm clothes too.

Ride Waves with the Dolphins

 After, I read and saw (images/videos) to know, what it actually means to “Ride Waves with the Dolphin”. The feeling was surreal and I believe – “Words cannot describe the glory of nature”. Barren cliffs on either side, blue sea in the middle. The quiet of early morning, broken by the cooing of the birds and the slight lapping of the waves.

The pod of dolphins you can see and trailed for what seemed like hours consisted of hundreds of playful animals. These dolphins are amazing at leaping in mid-air, spinning and landing with an impressive splash. They sure know how to party!!

Ride Waves with the Dolphins
Ride Waves with the Dolphins

If I get chance to experience this, I surely would want to get my camera ready: All you need is a quick finger before these naughty animals jump and disappear again in a flash!

Shop in the Muscat Souk

Muscat built a souk around a beautiful harbor and the market has a cosy appearance of a small town. Muttrah Souk is the city’s favorite market – one of the few markets in the world where it’s possible to buy gold, frankincense and myrrh all under a single roof. A very good place to get a taste of the omani culture and is famous for quality Arabian wares from silver to incense, authentic rugs, pashminas, artifacts and spices. Store holders will urge you to come and buy and you may find somewhat deceptive at first acquaintance: it’s a lot larger, and a lot more confusing, than you might initially suspect. Just be cautious is the mantra.

Hiking at Snake Gorge

Snake Gorge is by far the most diverse and challenging wadis. Every bend is a photo opportunity. It is  an awesome hiking experience, although definitely not considered to be easy but, having completed it you will feel inspired. The wadi offers a fantastic trip past waterfalls, through rocks pools and over boulders. You would experience an adrenaline rush hiking in to the rugged landscape.

To add to the excitement, watch out for the (completely harmless) snakes slithering in the rock pools.

Majalis Al Jin Cave

Another hair-rising, heart-pounding, thrilling expedition. You may need a training for this hiking. Majlis Al Jinn Cave was first discovered by accident while searching for carbonate rocks in a quest to discover deep underground water reserves. The cave is just so huge and requires strenuous physical effort. This trip takes about five hours. The only way to descend into the cave is by ropes.

Majalis Al Jin Cave
Majalis Al Jin Cave


The images above says it all. Oman has some of the best dive sites to explore. The abundance of colorful coral and marine life keep you in awe. The diving is not to be missed, both – for the experienced divers and learners too.

Paraglide in Zighy Bay

Paragliding is an unique luxury. and the Six Senses Zighy Bay is one luxurious resort. Paragliding can be a relaxing leisure pursuit and an exciting competitor sport. Either way it offers the opportunity to view spectacular scenery from a unique perspective – flying free as a bird.


For adventure seekers who want to enjoy this experience, but do not have the time to learn the techniques and skills- come pay visit to Oman and feel the difference.

Wahiba Sands

Wahiba Sands
Wahiba Sands

That is an awe-inspiring sight. What do you think?   To stay in a desert camp and feel the life of nomads. Quite an adventure. There are tours that will guide you across through the open desert, generally from north to south. Camping, Bonfire and a whole new kind of workout – climbing up the dunes. A very unique desert experience.

Oman will keep you very much alive so many entertaining sights to see.
Oman is a great destinarion if you have mind for travel, tourism, sightseeing or expedition on mind.

**Kindly note: All pictures have been taken from the internet. 


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