Food For Your Eyes Only

There’s an old culinary proverb which I’m sure you’ve heard before, “you eat first with your eyes.” This means that before you even taste a dish, your opinion of it is shaped by how it looks.

Eating is a sensuous experience and one thing we all have in common and that makes people connect easily is Food. For that true sensory delights, food not just just have to taste or smell good but the visual arrangement should make the food more enjoyable to eat. The appeal enhance the aesthetic value altogether.

Nonetheless, everyone (including me) prefer the flavor of the artistic dish over the same ingredients jumbled together or placed neatly but creatively on a plate.

Every time I am sitting at the table of one of these fine dining establishments, and the plate is placed in front of me by the server, then rotated to face me properly – I realize, how important it was for the chef that I take the first view the dish before I eat it in a specific way.

I love to cook but yeah, no artistic ability over here whatsoever. And when it comes to styling food in the most artistic manner – believe me, it is quite a time-consuming activity compared to cooking.

My First Attempt at Baking | Oat Walnut-Raisins Cake | Borosil
My First Attempt at Baking | Oat Walnut-Raisins Cake | Borosil

With Borosil aka my true savior, I never have to care for appearance. The food is given an entertaining look and that is all that matter. Borosil help me have pride in what I’ve made. I do not have to take the trouble to try to make the food attractive or to entice the people I am making it for.

Food served in borosil gets all the slow-motion effect where the minute that plate is in front of you, suddenly the other dinner guests disappear into the blurred background. Borosil ( gives you the sense of the dish in front of you. The beauty of its composition, the slow wafting aromas, and the delicate flavors. (May be your mouth is already salivating).

And in the end what matter is, the arched eyebrow, the awe-d expression and that lustful desire to just tear into that dish – with dignity of course – gives you a ear-to-ear grin splayed across your face.

Did you know?- Borosil is green. Read More


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