IPL2014 – Come On, Bulaava Aaya Hai

Vakratunda Mahakaya
Surya Koti Samaprabha
Nirvighnam Kurumedeva
Shubha Karyeshu Sarvada


The panditji (priest) asked for the groom whilst he chanted the mantra. “Shubh Muhurat beeta jaa raha hai, ladke ko bulaiye“. Unanimously said it loud,  “Ladke ko bulao, bulaava aaya hai”, aka “Call the groom, its time” as they burst into laughter and giggles, together.

An MBA from Harvard University, Indian to core of his heart and a die hard cricket fan. Ankur came back to India, after 7 years to tie knots with his long time beloved. Best of his life time was on roll with everything perfectly set. It had been one mad rush, to plan and get everything ready and in time and smooth. The date was decided. The venue was booked. The guest list was set and sent out. It was call of that one sweet day – The D-Day.

All eyes were on the entrance for the groom to make an entry. Everyone gave an audible sigh and silently calculated the minutes that passed by. Sound like some typical bollywood drama. Ain’t it !?! Sure it does and it was.

With no groom around, it was enough for people to speculate with creased forehead and arched eyebrows, before they get to turn around and see the man.

Somewhere in that awaited silence you could hear it loud and crisp clear – “Come On, Bulaava Aaya Hai” score play somewhere in the background. Not at all the intended music for the wedding that was on.


With his closest and dearest friend or partner in crime (count me too), munching chips and drinking away the diet coke and several mocktails – we were watching IPLT20 live streaming at www.starsports.com.

And he took his attempt to stand and replay the action by MSK live, I happen to see the impatient eyes and glaring looks, at the door. and we mumbled, “We are so dead!!“. We could feel the tension rising and the room temperature suddenly soaring high. We made a haste exit and I saw the first groom ever, who walk straight and sat next to the priest. “Panditji sambhal lena, please“, he whispered. (touché.)

While some things are completely out of our control, it was just a bit hard luck for him. Mr.Ankur, a die hard fan of MSK aka Mahendra Singh Dhoni didn’t wanted to miss his star in action. After all, “Bulaava aaya hai“.

He made me swear and promise for the years of friendship we shared that I must never disclose this away, until I had to be part of Cricket just got better! Activity by starsports.com in association with BlogAdda.com.

* The name changed, though no request had been made <wink>.
* Spread the blog post, even when I know I am so dead.


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