An interview with RJ Taleha N.Khan

RJ Taleha N.Khan is the voice of the current show “Bon Voyage-around the world” aired on Radio Masala. She has been a presenter of an earlier show “Thoughts City Express” too.

Taleha has been associated with Radio Masala for over a year and, tête-à-tête with PassImpressionOn speaking about her love for music and radio.

“I’ve always liked radio as a medium,” she says matter-of-fact during the interview.  I have always dreamt of being an RJ. As a kid, I was more of a “Listen to Radio” fan, than “Watch a Cartoon Network” kid.

Taleha N.Khan

Taleha talks about how she got to be a radio jockey in the first place. “It’s more personal”. My father was the support. Like every parent, my father too wanted me to be a meritorious student as well as be passionate for a hobby. He was the confidence, when I was nervous; He was the hand I could hold, whilst I stumble.

Every time you tune in to her show, you will find her connecting you to many lives around her. As you listen to her you will relate to one or the other story. “It’s like you‘re speaking to one listener alone; I want to spread a little sunshine to everyone’s life”, says Taleha and smiles candidly.

She affirms, “Creativity, Writing and Radio“, as the three Rock of Gibraltars in her life.
Taleha is a software professional, but then radio was one big time passion and a dream, that soon became an alternative career. In person, she is every bit captivating. She likes to dress in Indian as well as Western attire. Taleha is open, friendly and remarkably free of artifice.

A lot goes in planning the show. Finalizing a theme for the show is very important. Choice of music is must, as the music has to match the theme. And I have to be double sure with any facts that I plan to share on my show. Since Radio Masala is online, hence internet with good speed is required. And then I have to manage timing of my show, since every thing is timeboxed.

She beams with joy as she warms to the subject, “Radio is an art. You’ve got to know how to speak to the listener.” Because they cannot see you unlike the idiot-box. It is therefore, important to know how to hook them and how to keep them that way.

Knowing, that there is “someone” who is listening, is the adrenaline rush.

I don’t know how many people there are out there listening me. I get messages, emails and lot of calls from listener who have never seen me. So, when I switch on my mike to talk, I feel glad to have become part of their world. They wait for my show, they wait for a weekend to hear me.

Every radio show was and is an inspiration. I listen to the RJs and also to newsreader/anchor on TVs. Ameen Sayani, Simi Gerewal, (Khurafati Nitin) and Raman Bhanot, to name a few are my favourite. I learn from what I hear, how they speak, what I read. 

*Radio Masala is a web-radio channel based in India. And aims to be a 24 / 7 web radio channel to reach the Indians. 

Taleha did her schooling and college from New Delhi. As an RJ, “I want to take up things that other don’t. I want to touch lives on a more personal level”. You will always finds her as effervescent as she is over the radio waves. You can hear to her show recordings at her channel RadioPalRjTalz.

My snippetDigital Media is the next big thing and you’ll start seeing a whole new world. Indeed, interaction is key! And that we are online makes us reach more with this interactive frame of web. Happy Radio Listening!

Feel free to connect with her on her Facebook page.



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