FlashPack to Malaysia

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” I love to Travel for I love to explore.
Sports is the interest that pumps up the adrenaline rush.
To soothe my soul, Music is a habit. Dance as my partner,
keeps Stress at bay.
Reading keeps me involved and Shopping helps me indulge.”

With that in mind, Malaysia was my next destination.

Malaysia- Truly Asia
Pic (c) Apoorv

I did my Google-homework to figure out the best time to travel; what are those things that I should not miss – so as to explore the best. And, to plan my itinerary, I checked the official website of Malaysia – http://www.tourism.gov.my/en/in.

As I read about Malaysia, I learned the name “Malaysia” is a combination of the word “Malay” and “sia” that means “mountain” and “city“. It is one of the many asian country, and hence promises a multi-cultural experience.

And after a lot of “I want to do this” and “I can skip this”, I finally managed to plan those 5-must visit places in Malaysia on my tour.

Experience a night in a rain forest at Tamah Negara.

This is on my to-do list of “Things I must do before I die“. Rainforests are an incredible with thick, dense jungle seemingly full of animals waiting to be spotted, colorful birds, distinct animals and over sized flora.
To discover the hidden treasures of rainforest; To walk through the dense alleys; experience the night air filled with the voices and noises that change as an eerie darkness descended on the jungle. Enough to send chill down your spine.
A night experience at a rainforest through boiling thunderstorms, numerous double rainbows and torrential downpours may sound dangerous but its one of its own kind experience and of course, there’s nothing to worry with a guided tour.

Feel the mystical magic of Melaka

Melaka is a distinct colonial neighborhood and a treat for those who love to explore on foot. Famous for its food and as one of the many popular destination in Malaysia. Melaka promises diverse cuisine to experiences from a range of Thai, Malay, Chinese, Indian and more. Looking back, you would marvel at how life of people at Melaka – the hawkers, peddlers and shopkeepers have managed to survive global modernization.

Splurge to the lavish (afforable) life at Perhentian Islands.

Snorkeling and Diving in crystal clear water!!
Lazing in sand and sleep your worries away!!
What more would you want from life !!? Could life be more beautiful!!??
Perhentian Islands – makes you forget yourself to the lush and exotic islands. You could swim, surf, sail, boat, canoe and dive for deep sea fishing. That sounds heavenly !!!

Malaysia- Truly Asia

Treat your taste buds at Kota Bharu

You would know you are in Kota Bharu, when your mind cannot thing beyond food. A predominantly – Muslim town offers great food spots for those voracious taste buds. You could taste grilled – chicken drenched in a creamy, nutty and spicy sauce at one of the food-joint; whilst other takes you to another level of sweetness, once you have tasted Akok – a Kelantanese dessert of a pancake with coconut milk, palm syrup and eggs.
Sounds Yumm!! You would always wanna come back for more.

Traditional Malaysian Art

It has always been the attraction to tourist that flung from over the world. Involves music, dance, carving, weaving and folk theater and more. Malaysia boasts a wide range of crafts, from batik – a textile art to carving rattan baskets – for the jungles provides abundance of materials.

Malaysia- Truly Asia

Also, traditional music and dance are always a reason for people to stay involved. Born out of necessity – music is based around percussion instruments. Drums being one of the most important instruments as it was used for communication. “Mak Yong” is another traditional form of Malay drama art where the performers sing, dance and act out heroic legends about sultans and the princesses.

Malaysia- Truly Asia
Pic (c) Apoorv

Travelling in Malaysia is easier for English is the second most used language.  Sometimes I like the challenges of not knowing or being forced to learn the local language, but in Malaysia you could get away making travel so much convenient and easy.

Malaysia, certainly offers something for everyone. Indeed – Truly Asia!

*Based on the experiences shared by my friends who traveled Malaysia. Big Shout to all of you, for you all have helped me finalize these 5 – must experience visit at Malaysia.


3 thoughts on “FlashPack to Malaysia

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  1. I’m not convinced Kota Bharu should be on a list of top 5 experiences… I concede that the food may well be good there, but there is good food to be found across the whole country. I would rate going to see the orang utans in Sepilok above Kota Bharu any day! Love the first photo!


    1. I have not yet visited Malaysia, and the choice of “kota bharu” as one of the food experience outlet place is based on a friend’s own choice of place. And I shall have my opinion, only when I have visited and tasted.
      Thanks for your opinion. Should I get a chance, I’ll share my choice too 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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