Plan a Destination Trip to Paris : The Good, the Bad, the Free and the Insanely Expensive.

Traveling to enchanting Paris is a dream. And with destination trip, it is always been on my mind. 

For everything is accessible owing to the world of digital media, I have been researching and “Taking a View” through several travel guide websites. This has helped me know the what, the why and where of every nook and corner of Paris, France.

The love for streets with the small shops; the trees and parks and flowers; the churches and the river and Notre Dame – has grown fonder and probable more… No doubt, Paris has its reputation as one of the most romantic city in the world. Dining at the top of the Eiffel Tower is a dream come true for every female, around the world. (Being proposed is another – #SweetThing!) – That must sound cliché!

I have an endless list of “Must See Towns and Regions” in France. The Provence, Brittany, Paris (mon amour) and also to treat myself to delicious gastronomic food that awaits me , including many wines and cheeses. Probably another great reason why I would want to explore France from top to bottom (I surely, sound like one foodaholic).

But then there are decisions to be made, which hotel to stay in, how to travel, should one go for independent planning or go for a holiday package? With so many hotels and holiday packages to choose from travel and with so many decisions to make sometimes planning for a holiday could also be one hectic work!


SkyScanner ( is the answer. One of the best comparison website for million of flights over a thousand airlines, car hire and hotels. Budget is always a concern every time you travel, for no one want to exceed the budget. With so many airlines flying out, it is almost impossible to find the cheapest possible ticket for any international flight. The website shares flight comparison, looks for any hidden fees and charges and separate the best from the rest, giving users a great or rather best deal.

SkyScanner has this amazing feature “Price Alert“. They send in email, when prices changes, and you can cancel any time. Isn’t that cool!!

PS – No added fees and no fuss. What more one seek! #hallelujah

Having decided upon the vacation focus the next critical decision would be picking up a hotel. One is blessed because there are so many hotels to choose from. Once again having an idea of the budget would give the traveler a better chance at finding the dream hotel. SkyScanner help in finding that one hotels, better in service and a comfort of home.


For every memory is grand and bigger than life, you must carry and take good care of your camera and gadgets. If you have many gadgets to charge and you feel the hotel may have limited plug points, carry an extension cord or buy one. Make sure, you also check with hotels, for some may still not receive cell phone reception but that is a blessing in disguise, isn’t it? or you may buy one mobile connection once you land.

Being safe is another key while you travel. There are many “Know Before you go”. The currency Euro = 84.60 INR.
The official language is French, knowing enough to say the basic greetings in French and to ask whether the person speaks some English. Thank God for I know French.
However, learn greeting titles –
Monsieur (miss-yure)=Mr.
Madame (mah-dahm)=Mrs./Ms.
Mademoiselle (mah-deh-mwah-zelle)=Miss

And I am sure, with smart phone and apps available, touring and communicating shall never be a problem. #DigitallyConnected

That you should have some useful addresses handy – “Your hotel address, your travel agent ( if you booked one on SkyScanner) and carrying your Passport every time you step out is a must. Carry your money and travel documents. The best and the safest way to carry your cash around is through traveler cheques as they are readily exchangeable in most locations.

No trip is ever perfect in every way. There are always those little things which remain in your memory long after your trip is over. So sometime in 2014, planning a trip via SkyScanner would get me an opportunity to be a Travellete – To have millions of coffees in French cafes, have crepes for lunch and dine in Vivant and La Tour d’Argent restaurants. Eat the best sushi in Paris, and Walk miles while taking pictures and visiting numerous art galleries. Voilà that all!