Adobe Youth Voices 2014 – Create with Purpose

Speaking about transforming through technology – Adobe Foundation’s philanthropy program – Adobe Youth Voices is the answer. Adobe Youth Voices in partnership with American India Foundation (AIF) is actively engaged in this pursuit. It empowers, connects and binds communities and aim to bridge the gap and can bring each one closer to the world of knowledge.

Ignite Creative Confidence in Youth.
Empower them to find their voice.

Adobe Youth Voices 2014

AYV program empowers youth from underserved communities worldwide to communicate and share their ideas, demonstrate their potential and take action in their community using multimedia and digital tools. Adobe’s commit to creativity by providing them with the skills and confidence needed and to make an impact in the lives of today’s youth. The AYV globe network currently includes more than 800 sites, grantees and organizations in 50 countries engaging youth and educators in schools and out-of-school programs.

Adobe believes – “If you can imagine it, you can create it“. This year Adobe and American India Foundation, celebrated Adobe Youth Voices, at FICCI Auditorium on February 13, 2014.

To mark the start of  the event,  Senior Director at Adobe , Mr. Shanmugh Natarajan, Director at AIF, Sh. J. Sundarakrishnan and Mala Gupta  and Pooja Gupta were invited on the stage to light the lamp in reverence to knowledge as the greatest of all forms of wealth. Light symbolizes knowledge, and hence all auspicious occasions commence with the lighting of the lamp, that was maintained right through the event.

Post the lamp lighting Mr. Shanmugh Natrajan and Mr. J. Sundarakrishnan, released the AYV 2013 media compilation DVD.

AYV 2013 Media Launch

Over 25 of 245, two-minutes movies short films were screened, produced in by youth in Adobe Youth Voices program.


These movies, were sensitive, real and true to every bit. These movies, not only addressed social issues like Eve-Teasing, , Women Safety, Drinking, Abusing and Education etc, but also accounted for environmental concerns like Save Water, Pollution, Save Tiger. There were movies based on society norms and concerns like Donation in Temple, Racism and also addressed the issues that affects the life style of youths today, like Mobile craze in teenager, peer pressure and drug abuse.

There were some heart-touching and overwhelming stories too. Akshay Pratishthan presented a beautiful documentary film – Ashayein.  Through the movie, they sent a strong message, “That every differently-abled individual is equally abled“. The movie left everyone speechless.

We witnessed a kaleidoscope of life summed-up in two minutes. These school children are real-life heroes with creative mind, and confidence that could challenge you.  They justified, how the combination of Human mind with Technology brings forth a promising India Tomorrow.

Shradha , our master of the ceremony, with her enthusiastic tone, kept the event and the audience engaged and excited and had the mood of the auditorium.

Shradha Budhiraja Verma

Everyone at the event, wore Badges “Adobe Youth Voices – Create with Purpose” that were distributed before the start of the event. It was a way of supporting the thought –  “If you can inspire someone, anyone, to dream more, to learn more, to do more, and to become more. Then you have done your bit.

Later, Mr. Shanmugh Natrajan, Senior Director of Engineering, leading the PhotoshopElements and Premiere Elements group at Adobe, expressed  his words of appreciation.

Mr. Shanmugh Natrajan

Mr. J. Sundarakrishnan, Director, Digital Equalizer Program, American India Foundation Trust also, addressed the audience.

Mr. J. Sundarakrishnan

Awards and certificates were distributed to felicitate the AYV participants by Mr. Roopak Chauhan, Mr. Shanmugh Natrajan and the representatives from AIF.

Events are never complete until the factor of entertainment is attended. A group of Adobe Employees (Garima Khanna, Abhinav Dhandh, Surbhi Kamboj, Dhwaj Agrawal and Ayush Bindal) enacted “Nukkad Natak – Bharat Ki Pehchaan“. The nukkad natak (street-play) not only show cased the society concerns like – Education, Female Infanticide,  Right to Vote, Drug Abuse but also aimed to spread awareness which is the need of the hour. Through the humor in the play they made the much needed impact.


The audience kept humming to the chorus “Dhinchak, Dhinchak, Dhinchak , Dhin” – with the actors. Everyone loved the play and the auditorium reverberated with appreciation.

Music is a language that know no barrier. Adobe Musical group have been associated with several NGOs and non-profit organization for the past two years. With music as a medium they have been spreading the awareness. Mili Sharma, Reema Majumdar and Diksha Shakya sang beautiful tracks (Yun Hi Chala Chal Rahi from Swades ; Bum Bum from Taare Zameen Pe  and Aashayein from Iqbal) and the school kids swayed along. They were accompanied by Gaurish Kshirsagar on keyboard and Ankur Prakash on the guitar.

Ankur Prakash also sang “Aazaadiyan” from Udaan, “Papa Kehte Hain” from Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak , “Lukka Chhuppi” from Rang De Basanti and Hum Honge Kamyaab, with Gaurish Kshirsagar, on keyboard.

And before I conclude this blog, A special mention of thanks to –

The schools and institutions that participated in Adobe Youth Voices –  Yuva School, Bal Asha Vidya Kendra, Chetram Sharma Kanya Inter College, DTEA Senior Secondary School Janak Puri, Ank School, Anglo Model School, DTEA Senior Seconary School Moti Bagh, Kanshiram Welfare Foundation, Avinash Chandra, Literacy India Neb Sarai, Rani Dutta Arya Vidyalaya, Read India, Vedik Kanya High School, Centre for Human Development & Research, DTEA Senior Secondary School R.K.Puram, Sai Swayam Society, Social and development Research and Action Group, Chandra Arya Vidya Mandir, Vidya (Sainik Farm), Literacy India, Vidya School, Butterflies, Magic Bus, DTEA Senior Secondary School Pusa Road Teamwork and Akshay Pratishthan, for the active participation and keeping the belief in themselves and the program.

Adobe Volunteers

The Adobe Employees and the volunteers – Nandan Jha, Manish Kanwal, Gunjan Sood, Neha Baser, Ravish Arora, Hitesh Goyal, Anshita Agrawal, Siddharth Kumar Jain, Shikhar Tanwar, Ritesh Modi, Avril Jacob, Geeta, Rajesh Kumar, Sahil Gera, Asheesh Otto, for encouraging the youth and managing everything behind the scenes. Without them, the event would have not been possible.

Shannon Victor Peter, Ankit Singh, Nitin Gupta, Mandeep Singh, for capturing every moment worth frame.

Jobey Philip, Pooja Gupta, Bhavna Negi, Laureen Cheran, Nitin and Shannon, for all the support and visibility to the program over social channels.

The Master of the ceremony – Shradha Budhiraja Verma, for the air of spontaneity and grace with which she kept the momentum of the event.

To sum it up – Adobe Youth Voices 2014, event was an amazing camaraderie shared by Adobe Employees, Adobe India, American India Foundation and of course the smart brains from 25 different schools and institution, that volunteered to make a difference to make a better tomorrow and contribute to make each one a better individual, with promising identity.


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