My Experience With The Christian Wedding

Weddings are indeed a holy convocations.

For God joins together a man and a woman to become husband and wife. They not only celebrate union but also touches every heart and soul. It inspire every one for a longing to have a loved one. 

I was invited to one Christian Wedding, and it was one beautifully crafted, personalized wedding – presented with utmost joy and immense care.

Christian Wedding

The wedding was that of a close friend and indeed, part of an extended family.

The venue was  Sacred Heart Cathedral Church, located in New Delhi. The church has been a witness to many unions of families over the years.

Sacred Heart Cathedral

The Sacred Heart Cathedral Church is a Roman Catholic cathedral. The Cathedral is not only home to many, but also a diocesan home. Indeed, an enduring symbol reflecting faith, community and worship.

And I have to say , the church is absolutely amazing, inspiring and beautiful. The interiors are breathtaking and with beautiful portraits dating back to the beginning of the yesteryear century.

The Christian wedding ceremony was personally designed, and it emoted expression of worship, reflected joy, celebration, respect, dignity and love. 

The priest or minister asked the bride and groom to stand side by side, at the entrance of the aisle, with family and friends to be christened with holy water and a prayers to mark the start of a holy journey in front of God.


The groom waited for his beautiful bride to walk down the aisle. As he take a stand next to the father and God.


The guests are seated and the bride made an entrance, accompanied by music. The bride was accompanied by her brother during the procession.

During the invocation, the priest or the minister greeted the guests, introduced the couple and announced the purpose of the gathering.  The couple had chosen the vows and had included a special reading from the religious text or poem during the invocation.

Music continued to play whilst the ceremonies took place. The hymns were sung and the prayers never missed a lip.

During the declaration of intent, the officiant asks the couple if they will marry each another. The declaration confirms that the bride and groom are willingly entering into a marriage covenant.  The couples responded with “I do” or “I will” to the officiant’s questions of intent. 

The couple had written their own vows and whilst they exchanged, the officiant chose to remain quiet and attentive. Also, the couple also used traditional vows, and repeated the vows after the officiant.


During the ring exchange, the bride and groom placed wedding rings on each other’s fingers. And also tied a thread of love bond.


The families, friends and relatives too choose to spread their best wishes with pre-written greetings and wishes. The celebration was escorted with Christian wedding songs. The audience were rapt listening and were so blissed. They cherished the union to core.

During the pronouncement, the officiant declared that the couple is now married. As per the traditions, this is when the bride and groom kiss for the first time as a married couple, sealing their wedding vow with a kiss.

And indeed, a quick take on a group picture was a must.

The officiant seeked the couple to sign a marriage license. During the recession, the newly married couple exits the ceremony space, followed by the bridal party, family and guests. The officiant may follow the bridal party out of the ceremony space to greet guests, or may wait until all guests have recessed.

Marks The Beginning

The entire wedding was enchanting all through the span. The main goal was to give each guest a clear impression that the couple, have made a solemn, eternal covenant with each other before God.

*Kindly refrain from commenting on the people in the Photographs!


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  1. You Definitely need a better camera, Last time I missed to shoot this Cathedral, but I am sure being there is one different feeling all together.

    The Bridesmaids are so beautifully dressed, could have had a wonderful shoot for them.


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