Blast for the Past – Year End Celebrations 2013 Adobe Systems

Decode the Celebration

With that riddle above, I am sure you now know, celebrations at Adobe Systems is an extravaganza of Dance, Drinks, Dine and Happy Faces.


With the festive month of December and again the Year 2013 coming to end, ESCAPE team at Adobe Systems had every plan ready to set the stage for employees at campus to have a blast and to rock the evening.

The party-loving faction had every one celebrate the moment and the mood. The evening started packed with party animals (engineers by day) who grooved to the dhin-chak tracks and peppy punjabi/techno remixes, that DJ Vicky was spinning and it was one rollicking time at the bash.

It lit up the floor (terrace as matter of fact) and the party was full on with the enthusiasm quotient.

DJ Vicky was thoroughly impressed with the crowd, said he was having a great time at the campus. “It’s a great party and I am getting an amazing vibe,” he said.


Cocktails, Mocktails and Gratifying drinks were served with hot and sumptuous snacks. Dinner was delicious and everyone had their fill with dance, music and food.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking. You’d be amazed with the party crowd taking the centrestage, and how the revelries (read singing, dancing and letting their hair down), bring the roof down.

As the music took control, the dudes found themselves drawn to the dance floor hypnotically, while the ladies needed no prompting.


There were arrangement for people to stay warm and cosy. These lamps kept the temperature as hot as the party rockers.


A huge mention of thanks to the team members at ESCAPE team – Adobe Systems for giving us a rocking affair. For there’s no better way to hot up a chilly winter evening than by heading to a dance party evening.

Pic (c) – Nitin Gupta

**Kindly refrain from commenting on the people in the Photographs!


6 thoughts on “Blast for the Past – Year End Celebrations 2013 Adobe Systems

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  1. Nothing can be better than this event!!!
    Very specifically neither the event ,nor the music nor the snacks but only awesome friends are the reason behind it… 🙂


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