Adobe CSR and Season of Giving

The sense of giving brings the best in people. It’s one out of those many ways that we reach out people to share a hand and to enrich other’s lives without worrying about enriching our own. The spirit of giving brings a sense of pride and contentment to oneself, knowing deep in our hearts that we have made a difference.


At Adobe Systems, we culminate the concept of “GIVING” – for it remains the only constant and the prerequisite tool to bring a change.

And with the month of December we celebrate “Season of Giving“- celebrating our own thankfulness by trying to give the less fortunate something to be thankful about. Each day brings forth a new dream and a new reason to smile and to live.


And to mark the end of celebration for Season of Giving, we have for you, the most awaited events, the Adobe NGO Fair.

This was an opportunity for the NGO participants to showcase the talent and the hard work in the products made by the NGO kids and staffs. The stalls were put up for the demo and also, to let Adobe Employees buy them.

This was one way of bringing recognition to the kids and a platform to appreciate the efforts.

Additional to the NGO stalls, we also had Games organized by NGO for Adobe Employees. We had nominal amount tickets to raise funds.  Adobe provided every employee with coupons to make use at the Game stall. Enthusiastic employees did not shy from paying for the games too. After all, entertainment was sought and received and enjoyed.

Ohh!!  Again, that I forgot to mentioned. This was on Dec 6th 2013 (Friday) at Adobe Systems Campus.

P.S – The dates are so crucial. Helps you mark the important events and moments as well (wink) .

At Adobe, we encouraged all our employees to help and support the cause of care by donating or participating in volunteer events and activities.

So that we do not compromise on our work productivity that day, each employee was asked to volunteer for a half hour of their busy schedule to register themselves. And it turned out to be quite a show with everyone at the stall. Not one minute passed without them being happy and making the noise.

And to mention the NGO’s that were attending the event, we had Samarpan , Gyan ShaktiKatha, Action of autism, Vatsalya Gram , Make a Difference Foundation and Srijan (A Tihar Jail inmates initiative of art of living).

We care and We show –  for we believe any helping hand makes that one difference and it count. Let us spread the word and motivate more people to attend and be part of the NGO and let’s take a moment to appreciate their effort of trying to make difference in lives of others.

A note of thank you to the organizing committee – Kshitij Gupta, Geeta Tuteja Jindal.


19 thoughts on “Adobe CSR and Season of Giving

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    1. Savita.. We everyone at Adobe were glad to have you 🙂
      Thank you for giving her the opportunity to be part of your genuine initiative.


  1. CSR – should be renamed to ASR – Adobe Social Responsibility, But then it was a day that well thought of from Adobe, it started of from simply picking you up to come early and be a part of it, I remember how it was something extra we did to get to play, to find that child back in you, to give something that can support someone more than what you can individually do..

    @Bhavu: You have captured an written it so well, that I almost re-lived everymoment i spent.


    1. Its such a genuine effort from everyone at Adobe. To be part of society is different but to give back to the society is another. Thank you for being part of it ..!!


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