It’s Gun-Powder Dosa… Yenna Rascala… #Mind It!!

What you need                 :               A gluttonous break to binge

Place a visit                        :               Carnatic Café, New Friends Colony, New Delhi

Why                                      :               Its paradise for foodies looking for flavors of South Indian Cuisine.

To satisfy craving for South Indian food I would always head for Sarvana Bhawan (I have been a fan). To find a new place that would make you feel at home and also keep the comfort of food – hot, rich and reassuringly familiar was such a herculean task.

Carnatic Café was the answer. It end search for everyone who crave something more wholesome and home-made . This place is a hidden gem. A simple and authentic South Indian outlet with outstanding food.


As you enter, you see world- corn cobs hanging from ropes tied to bamboos, plain white walls and neat painting hanging is what makes up the décor of the place. And you have your senses alive, with the aura filled with sweet essence of kapur.

We were welcomed with a refreshing drink of pudina buttermilk. One sip and you know, you’re at the right place. One of the key parts of comfort food is ease, that that does not require you to slave over – while you make or while you eat.

Pudina ButterMilk
Pudina ButterMilk

We ordered a Maleshwaram 18th Cross Dosa aka Gun Powder’ish filling dosa. It was delightful and every bit a reason for taste bud explosions! (Not the other kind !! )


Before you express the shock ‘n surprise look at the mention of “Gun Powder”, well – gun powder is a South Indian Food accompaniment powder. (Nothing Otherwise!!)

The Dosa had a thicker crust than the usual Dosas and a layer of red chutney and gun powder inside. The Sambhar served along with the Dosa was warm and perfect. And the chutneys are smooth in consistency, not runny at all. Indeed, in a league of their own.

For dessert we had, “Obbatu” (also known as Puran Poli), served with a bowl of “warm milk”. To enjoy every bite, you had to dip it in milk and feel the warmth. The combination of milk-dipped-soggy bite was a healing experience.


The staff involved silent workers, who were as courteous as you want in any restaurants.


P.S – If you manage to look beyond (And you absolutely must!) the chaos, do stop by.

And I must thank my friend Nitin Gupta for taking me to this place for such a sumptuous experience..!!

Pic (c) Nitin Gupta Pictures


13 thoughts on “It’s Gun-Powder Dosa… Yenna Rascala… #Mind It!!

Add yours

    1. Indeed, VJ.. This place indeed go well with “Simple Living, High Thinking (err.. ! Tasting) ”
      And the owner of the place is such a humble person.. you can see him walking in the cafe, in simple plain clothes and always attending to your concern. It would take a while – for you to recognise him!!
      Thanks for reading and enjoying the blog!!


  1. Bhavna.. there should be a BEWARE note on top of the blog “Do not read it… With Empty Stomach” 😉
    such a peppy description of Dosa…. Am craving for one now…. take me there sooonn.. 😀 🙂


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